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Come along to see me at Thornbank Offices and put together some cool videos for your website just like SC21 Change Agent Paul Brown did. Go to the Contacts page and tell me what you style you would like to see on your site. Stills and Info Products also offered.

QuickStart Mentoring

Kick start your campaign by talking with me over the web for 3 x 1hr sessions and see how I can move you forwards.   No travel or long hours away from the office, just pure results. Read more . . .

Simple 8-point Strategy

Let me tell you my story from just 4 years ago as to how I 'cleared the fog away' from social media.  Listen to his webinar or attend one of my live presentations. Read more . . .

Your Social

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One of the leading video editing software packages.  Learn all about it on this site.

Associate's software that I recommend . . . 

Happy to work behind the scenes to make your event happen.  Includes use of my marketing strategy to get the message out there to your fans. Just go to the Contacts page and tell me what sort of message you want to see out there working for you.

Take advantage of these exciting opportunities to promote both yourself and your business . . . . 

Webinar admin and operation so you focus on delivering your valuable content


Cool software platform that not only controls your content going out but the interaction coming in. Everything all in one place!

Discover how to make cool videos with your iPhone by clicking the button on the left or the banner at the bottom of this page for a free ebook from Jules.

Stills, Videos & Screen Captures taken for your web site and platforms

Stop missing out on all those social media opportunities that your competitors are taking from you. Listen up, you can't afford to be second best any longer so take action now!