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Stop missing out on all those social media opportunities that your competitors are taking from you. Listen up, you can't afford to be second best any longer so take action now!

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Peter Schofield:

"Pete is a self taught expert on social media and is able to get the key points across in simple and practical ways.  His own experience serves to demystify social media and make the journey seem achievable, worthwhile and even fun". 

John Heywood:

“Pete challenged and changed my thinking around using LinkedIn as a marketing tool. He really got me over my reluctance.

His enthusiasm is contagious and his subject knowledge second-to-none. He delivered his seminars with energy and passion. Pete provided prompt, clear post-seminar notes which I can refer back to and which I continue to use.

The seminars were cleverly delivered on line, which saved me travelling time and reduced my costs significantly.  Highly recommended!”

It is simply a case of agreeing three separate hourly sessions that are planned when convenient to yourself during the day or early evening.  

They invariably overrun as we get stuck into them as I talk you through the elements and you start to see the difference they can make.


I will provide summary notes of what we dscuss so you have a permanent reference to follow.

​To book them simply click this button. They are charged at £237.