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Get inspired by my story . . .

How I Make Social Media Work For Me

This tells how I became aware of the huge potential that social media offers us Business Professional back in 2010.  It allows you to become really effective in your chosen sector rather than dabble with it and get nowhere. Download the press release here.

I have spoken live at regional Business Groups and also delivered it as a webinar to the likes of Leeds Business Week and Wakefield Business Week.  i have contributed to the Socila Media panel at Kirkless Business Conference.  

Check out the trailer from Bradford Business College then sign up not only for full access to it in the form of a webinar recording BUT a discounted QuickStart session.  You will immediately see how to implement my 8-point strategy.  However, if you want to dive in right away, click over to the QuickStart page and see how to make a difference.

Read what Paul Whittaker, MD of the Whittaker Partnership Ltd, thought of it all  . . .

"There's an awful lot of twaddle talked on the subject of social media - as usually happens when something new comes along. Pete approached the subject with his usual refreshing candour. I particularly appreciate it being a "buzzword-free" webinar throwing new light on aspects of social media that I thought, with my many years experience in the marketing business, I knew all about - but then I realised I didn't.  A definite recommend!"

Stop missing out on all those social media opportunities that your competitors are taking from you. Listen up, you can't afford to be second best any longer so take action now!

This is a trailer from the presentation done at Bradford Business College. To get FULL access to  webinar recording from Leeds Business Week just click the yellow button then check your inbox for the Welcome email.